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Work on keyboards:
    Vorschlag für eine Erweiterung der deutschen Standardtastatur
        (in German: Proposal for an Extension of the German Standard Keyboard, revised 2010-10-23)
    The new German standard keyboard: "T2-Tastatur" software (in German)
          Downloads: Windows installer for a T2 engraving compatible keyboard layoutDownload: MSKLC source code
    Europatastatur software (in German)
    Extremtastatur software (in German)
    The "Europatastatur" –  an Example of a Multilingual Keyboard Design
        (a presentation held on a CDFG workshop at Brussels, 2007-06-12)
    An alternative to the current ISO/IEC 9995-3
         (presented 2008-09-08 at the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35/WG2 meeting in Naples, resulting in a resolution
          to initiate a new work item "ISO/IEC 9995-9: Multilingual, multiscript keyboard group layouts")
    Information about the Revision of ISO/IEC 9995-3  (2008-10-16, revised 2010-10-23)
    The Five Scripts Keyboard (draft)
    Multilingual, Multiscript Keyboard Group Layouts (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35/WG1:
        Preparatory work done prior to the NP proposal on ISO/IEC 9995-9; 2009-02-19)

Ongoing work on character encoding and Unicode:
Draft proposal to encode 10 Latin letters for North American indigenous orthographies (2010-06-30)

Character encoding proposals submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee:
    Proposal to add Metrical Symbols and related characters (2010-10-22, Unicode doc. L2/10-358,
        co-authored with Martin Schrage from the University of Munich, Germany; revision of N3913)
    Proposal to add characters used in Lithuanian Dialectology (2010-10-29, Unicode doc. L2/10-357R,
        co-authored with Vladas Tumasonis from the University of Vilnius, Lithuania; revision of N3914)
    N3916: Revised Proposal to encode Latin letters for Jaŋalif (2010-09-21,
        co-authored with Ilya Yevlampiev)
    N3980: Proposal to encode a Subscript Solidus (2011-01-17)
    Proposal to encode characters for the English Phonotypic Alphabet (EPA) (2011-05-04;
        Unicode doc. L2/11-153; revision of N3981)
    N3982: Proposal to encode three additional emoticons (2011-01-03)
    N3983: Proposal to encode a punctuation mark “Double Hyphen” (2011-01-17)

Accepted proposals for character encoding in Unicode (on the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 website):
    N3514: Proposal to encode a Soccer Ball symbol (2008-04-02)
    N3565: Proposal to encode two heavy low quotes for German in the UCS Dingbats block (2009-01-15)
    N3579: Proposal to encode a German trademark symbol (2009-02-27)
    N3581: Proposal to encode four Latin letters for Jaŋalif (2008-11-03, revised 2009-03-16;
        co-authored with Ilya Yevlampiev; partially accepted: letters N/n with descender)
    N3587: Proposal to encode 10 Latin letters for pre-1921 Latvian orthography (2008-10-30,
        revised 2009-03-26)
    N3769: Proposal to encode an emoticon "Neutral Face" (2010-01-26)
    N3770: Proposal to encode two dashes required by the Chicago Manual of Style (2010-02-10)
    N3846: Proposal to encode two missing modifier letters for Extended IPA (2010-04-30)
    N3860: Proposal to encode two Letterlike Symbols for Canadian legal use (2010-06-11)

Character encoding proposals which are withdrawn, stalled, superseded, or rejected:
    Proposal to encode an External Link Sign (2006-08-01; Unicode document L2/06-268)
    Proposal to encode three combining diacritical marks for Low German dialect writing (Draft, 2008-01-08)
    Encoding of national flags (2008-09-08, Unicode document L2/08-305)
    Proposal to encode a combining diacritical mark for Low German dialect writing (2008-10-25, L2/08-292)
    Proposal to disunify Zhuang tone letters from their Cyrillic lookalikes (2008-10-26, L2/08-393)
    N3588: Proposal to encode a Florin currency symbol (2009-04-06; not approved 2010-05-11)
    Additional notes on the Florin symbol (2010-05-03; Unicode document L2/10-163)
    Proposal to encode a modifier letter used in French abbreviations (2010-07-13; Unicode doc. L2/10-230)
    N3915: Proposal regarding Triple Diacritics (2010-09-23)
    Proposal to add Variation Sequences for Latin and Cyrillic letters (2011-02-07; Unicode doc. L2/11-059)

Other work:
    Towards a Unicode Encoding of Teuthonista
            (a presentation held on a CDFG / I DINAMLEX workshop at Vienna, 2008-11-05)
    N3785: Problems concerning the emoji symbol "U+1F471 Western Person" (2010-04-16)
    Was ist Unicode?
         (in German; a presentation held on the symposium "Teuthonista goes Unicode" at Passau, 2010-06-04)
    N3984: Notes on the naming of some characters proposed for ISO/IEC 10646:2012 (2011-02-02)

Work of groups where I had participated:
    N3775: Proposal for encoding Georgian and Nuskhuri letters for Ossetian and Abkhaz (2010-02-17)
    CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16108:
        Functional Multilingual Extensions to European Keyboard Layouts (MEEK) (2010-03)

Test pages:
əɛ.net (Test page with special Latin letters in its domain name and within its internal links)
    ǝɛ.net (Another test page - the "ǝ" here is U+01DD "turned e" rather than U+0255 "schwa")
    Test page for "Rheinische Dokumenta" (a special German dialect writing system; in German)
    Test page for Orok letters "barred o with macron" (displaying Cyrillic letters with diacritical marks)

Marr, N. Ya. (1865-1934): Abkhaz Analytic Alphabet (Leningrad 1926; in Russian)

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